There's nothing fake about bourbon, and that's what makes our products the real thing.


In 1986, we began our business as cabinetmakers but in 1993 Jim Beam Brands asked us to make the wooden boxes for Bookers Bourbon, their top shelf product named after Booker Noe, Master Distiller and grandson of Colonel James B. Beam himself. Booker was a colorful figure in the Bourbon community and we were proud that he was our friend. He passed away in 2004 but his son Fred and now his grandson Freddie, carry on the Beam tradition. We continue to make “Booker Boxes” daily and have made over 4 million to date!

Booker's barrel head

We also make packaging and displays for many other premium brands, including Woodford Reserve, Wild Turkey, Makers Mark, Evan Williams, Jack Daniels, Guinness… 32 years have gone by and we still love the excitement of developing something new. If you are a creative person, you’ll understand.

With a passion for woodworking and visual arts, Promowood has been in business since 1986. Founded by Charlie and Patrick Hutchens, we have weathered time through ethical relationships with our community and our partners. Promowood has thrived through good and lean economies by focusing on ethics, kindness and hard work.


There is nothing fake about bourbon. It is a uniquely American spirit and most of it is made here in Kentucky. As a matter of fact, there are more barrels of bourbon in Kentucky than there are people!

Since it truly is a very natural product, made from the pure limestone water that flows through our streams, it just makes sense to package it in wood. Promowood makes the packaging and displays that bourbon and beer brands use to market their products. After years of experience, we now offer you the opportunity to purchase the same items. There is nothing fake about the products we make either.

Custom Beer Taps

From an airport lounge in Hong Kong to a tavern in Homer Alaska, we have a friend who travels the globe and sends us pictures of our products. We live a rural life here in Kentucky and don’t travel much so it is exciting to receive these photos. So when you are vacationing in the Virgin Islands or enjoying a beer in London, look behind the bar for barrel heads, tap handles, boxes or wood signs. That’s our stuff!

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It’s true. We buy used barrels from local cooperages because everyone knows; bourbon is made in a NEW white oak, charred barrel and can only be used once. After that, we repurpose the heads, the staves and even the metal hoops for our products. There are over 25,000 bourbon barrel heads being processed here at promowood at any given time. Most of them are on the lot, air drying, awaiting their turn through our dry kiln and wood finishing process. If it isn’t suitable for wall decor, it will be used for tap handles, wood coasters and as a last resort, we grind it into shavings for BBQ grills.

We also purchase and process the worn wood floors from the old rackhouses when they are replaced by the distilleries. Some of these wood beams are over 100 years old and if not used for packaging, make beautiful flooring, wall art, paneling, doors etc.

We know it is environmentally friendly to reuse old wood and it saves our forests too but the reason we have always done this has more to do with our rural upbringing. Growing up on a farm, it is considered wasteful to not repurpose something and besides, it is just makes sense.

Stack of barrel heads

Why buy something new when something used works well and saves money? In the case of barrels for example; one must cut down a beautiful white oak tree, mill it into planks and process it into staves or heads. If purchased new, there is over 15.00 in cost in the head alone! So by reusing a barrel head, we save the tree and save our clients money too.